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Serak & KENPO
make a deadly combo!

Have you mastered a Martial Art?  Do you have a 5th degree black belt... or are you a complete beginner?

Whatever the case, we can teach you beginning and advanced principles to a) Make your existing art better for you and b) help you learn how physics is the one true martial art and c) help you make your application of physics better.


Indonesian Pentjak Silat Serak is one of the most deadly fighting arts on the planet.  It is based in knife fighting and spinal mis-alignment. (basically the opposite of Chriopractic). When we train in serak, we are utilizing the superior application of physics. All arts are good. Serak just gets directly to the point faster than most.

Imagine a small man with a clubbed foot and a short arm being able to throw around others twice his size.  Imagine an art that can help you to be skilled and poised enough to fight 2 or 3 men with blades and still come away alive.

As we say in training of Serak, "We don't fight. We finish!"

Learn this art and all of your exsiting skills will multiple and your confidence and proficiency will increase, no matter what other arts you know or practice.

If you take the same person and train him in 5 different arts in a 6 month period, it is likely the one that trained in Serak will be the victor. Why? Because of the elimination of range in an altercation and the application of physics.

Try it and you will see. It is our job to spread this amazing art around the world and keep it alive for generations to come. Will you be one that steps up to the challenge? If so, we invite you to join us and start learning today.


Have you trained in American Kenpo or seen it online or in the movie "The Perfect Weapon"?  

Do you think there are a lot of fun and cool techniques, but they may seem a little robotic and you just can't seem to make them work against all opponents, no matter their size or skill level?
There is a reason for that.

Kenpo is an amazing art. Just watch Larry Tatum. He's really good and fast and would poke most any fighters eyes out in a real altercation... but can you do what he does?

Are you as good, as fast, as knowledgeable as him? Will you ever be? Most people would answer no.

So how do you not be robotic and make it work for you?

How do you win in virtually every situation... even if you aren't faster, stronger or more skilled?

The answer is by applying the physics, angulation and
"Base-Angle-Lever" principles of physics from Silat Serak to your Kenpo or any other martial art of karate you practice,

Do you know what art Dan Inosanto recently learned from Pak Vistor? Pentjak Silat Serak. Do you know what art Bruce Lee was studying when he passed away?  Pentjak Silat Serak!

What is the art people who have black belts want to learn? Serak!

By combining Serak Principles to your Kenpo, you will find techniques flowing almost effortlessly and improve your kenpo immensely.  That's what we teach.... you to be the best martial artist you can be!

"He who hesitates... meditates.. in a horizontal position."
~ Edmund K Parker ~
Father of American Kenpo Karate

Above - Maha Guru Pak Victor, Guru Karl Bolz and Pempantu Guru Steve Gresham


32 years martial arts experience.
Vice President USAKK (United States Kenpo Karate Association)
4th degree black belt Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate
Military Muay Thai
Kali  / Escrima / Arnis
Wing Chun
Small Circle Jui-Jistu
Tai Chi
Pembantu Guru Pentjak Silat Serak (listed in the books by Pak Victor DeThouars)
Naturally gifted in energy work, personal development and the healing arts.
Has taught hundreds of student worldwide.

Mr. Gresham is an excellent instructor who knows to help student increase their skill levels almost instantaneously. There are those who can fight and those who can teach. Mr. Gresham is both and something more. When you walk away from the class, you will probably feel a little overwhelmed, however your body will have learned much and your mind can catch up as you practice.  

You are welcome to video record classes with Mr. Gresham so you can retain the knowledge and see if from a 3rd party perspective. This provides greater and more efficient learning.

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